Solar Race ~ Local Edition

History has proven time and time again, that when need be, we are capable of responsible change. Whether that be from the transition from religion to science, or a great migration from their home to avoid uninhabitable weather. Today however, we face a totally different monster. Complex national and international politics which splits societies into binomials. In a micro example we can note the republicans and the democrats. On the right end of the spectrum we find that sympathizers would like politics to stay out of the economic sphere and allow individuals to vote with their dollar bill. On the left end of the spectrum, we see a totally different political agenda, where sympathizers pray to a totally different political deity, one that preaches social and fiscal responsibility. Most recently, one of the big topics on these opposing teams side is that of clean energy, and in doing so, finding the viable exit from natural resources. However, viable, can mean two totally different things for these two opposing teams. The problem is, with no compromise in sight during this presidential year, constituents have turned to a completely different political machine. Federal government has turned to state government, and the states have looked to local government to inspire green change.

We have begun to see a partnership between local government and clean tech companies being fostered. Some cities in fact have become the trailblazers for the movement. In example, San Francisco has recently become one of the first cities to put forward legislation that forces both commercial and residential buildings alike ten stories and shorter to set aside 15% of their roof for solar panels. In Portland, Oregon, as recently as March, legislation was put forward that requires utilities to provide 50% of their energy using renewable resource collection. This is a monumental step forward, and is just one of many. Cities around the world have been the trailblazers to shift their energy reliance to renewables.

People around the world have decided they can’t wait for their federal governments to put forward the royal decree which protects our fragile environment. Moving up the pipeline, we are seeing that although the royal decree isn’t coming from the king, it is coming from the lower nobles. States are putting forward serious tax breaks which allow for these local deals to be struck with private firms. Humans have always had a way to strike a last minute deal, and as the trends seem to be showing, green tech is on the rise in our communities.

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