The Long Journey to Maktinta and The [Solar] Light at The End Of The Project

The Journey:

Maktinta is a Silicon Valley start-up, which is charged with the task of energy waste management through any number of methods ranging from basic energy-saving pointers, 24/7 energy monitoring, and if needed alternative energy sources. This blog is in place to share pertinent information and news to anyone from potential customers, to those just interested in the energy industry. 


The owner of Maktinta, Gal Moyal, is a native Israeli immigrant who studied Mechanical Engineering at The Technion, one of the planets top engineering schools. Before school, Gal was one of the first tank commanders, leading a battalion of 19-year-old kids into battle. After his schooling at The Technion, Gal was approached by a number of schools to attain his MBA from. Eventually, Gal settled on U-Mass Boston. After his degree, him and his wife, Efrat, moved back to Israel, only to return to California a year later. 


While in Northern California, the two really excelled and took after the competitive tech start-up nature, starting Gemtech immediately. After a couple of years, the two returned from the start-up business as they pursued their individual careers. However, Gal, returned in 2007 to the drawing boards with Free Hot Water, a solar thermal start-up, which he closed in early 2015, only to start his newest idea, Maktinta.


Gal started Maktinta with a vision in mind, “a company that specializes in all facets of the energy market, with a plan of lowering a customer’s energy output by at least 30%, and all the while offering a 4 year return on investment.” 

The [Solar] Light:

  • Maktinta as your energy consultant: The man behind Maktinta spent far too long working in the niche solar thermal market. Therefore, the genius behind Maktinta is that it is a one stop shop for anything energy conservation. As the energy consultant, Maktinta will conduct a title 24 on your business/home. After conducting a title-24, Maktinta commits to a 30% energy output savings from the previous year. Immediately, Maktinta uses the data from its energy audit to offer a home owner/business owner easy tips in saving energy.
  • Maktinta as your energy monitor:The next step of the circuit is what truly separates Maktinta from its customers, after the energy audit, Maktinta installs a “brain” for the customer. These brains come in two forms, the aquatic brain and the solar brain. The Aquatic Brain for a small fee a month can be customized to measure any or every form of aquatic energy output, and can be accessed from any wi-fi capable, mobile device. The Solar Brain measures offers the same form of customization and access, but is tailored to fit electric, and solar energy outputs. Maktinta holds the notion, “what can be measured can be fixed,” very close to their companies ideology.
  • Maktinta as your energy coach: Finally, if Maktinta notices that using basic energy-saving tips won’t  meet your energy waste management plan of 30%+ over the twelve months, Maktinta will employ the final step. Maktinta will take a look at your solar and/or aquatic brain and will check to see how much more savings are needed, and based on this data, will offer you a number of options to saving energy through alternative methods. Then when an individual has chosen the option they want to proceed with, Maktinta will get you in touch with the proper contractor in your area.

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